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Hello Dear Co-Creator !

Thank You for taking the time to visit my crib. You are most Welcome here – so please explore and enjoy!

What if True Spirituality is not limited to imposed ‘beliefs’ and religious rules of conduct? What if the real answers to the Truth of who we are originate from a deeper source of knowledge and wisdom that is inside each and every one of us?

A new and broader perspective within and beyond our Human experience has opened up to me; the one I want to share with You through my Book. The many concepts I present go far beyond the understands held within the mainstream establishment regarding the Universe and Humanity’s role in it. Therefore, some may perceive them as being no more than fiction, which in many ways overestimates and overvalues Human Life in the Universe. To others, From Logic To Magic may act as a mirror, reflecting the Truth that is profoundly recognized within their own Heart and Soul. No matter where in life You come from and no matter your own understandings, I again Welcome You to explore My Work, most preferably with an open mind and an open Heart.

What I call the magical world is not a world excluded to ‘spells and curses’. It is everything the logical mind termsĀ  ‘supernatural’ or ‘unexplained’. My intention is to help you discover this magical reality and explore it as an essential part of who you are.
- Henrik Sandberg Music

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